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Company Profile

        Gateway is located in Elizabeth N.J. 4 miles south of Newark Liberty International Airport for over 20 years. Gateway always prides itself on being a premier regional trucking company that can suit even the largest demands. Gateway’s philosophy is with hard work, dedication, communication, and pride anything can be accomplished. With constant communication and a support team that never stops working until the job is done, Gateway is the best answer to your logistical needs.

       24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year there will always be someone that will answer your phone call. With Gateway, communication is paramount. We will send you a confirmation upon pick up as well as a list of phone numbers to call and an e-mail address to contact that is monitored by multiple dispatch staff anytime there’s a concern. Gateway prides it’s self on being large enough to handle your needs, and small enough to manage even the most minuscule details of every truck load.

       Our equipment is updated, cleaned and maintained frequently to ensure trips are without incident and arrival times are punctual. Also with 24/7/365 security at our facility, if your load has to be in our yard it’s always safe. Located in a gated industrial complex with limited access from the street and surrounded by water on both sides, with multi layered security officers, CCTV cameras and natural barriers our facility is one of the safest around. When on the road with G.P.S tracking accurate within 15 minutes, shipper load and seal, receiver verification and unload, there is absolutely no question that when your freight is in our trucks its safe.

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